Consulting and Support

HRM provide a range of Consulting and Support services to Clients aimed at providing solution based deliverables providing key decision making tools and processes across industries for all facets of safety and risk management.

Whether it concerns oil and gas installations, drilling, transportation systems, process facilities, manufacturing, marine or construction, we can provide support by way of dedicated studies, team secondment or advice providing a Client with a clear delivery of  integrated solutions.

Typically our service base covers the following key elements that can be used in singular or combined programmes to suit the requirements of a Client.

  • Risk Management and Technical Safety
  • HSEQ
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Integrity and Verification
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Accident , incident investigation and expert witness

HRM provides a cross disciplinary approach incorporating client resources to identify and manage opportunities and threats in relation to defined client objectives. HRM can help a client identify, understand and manage each of the component hazards, risks or opportunities and provide a complete view of the total risk exposure.

HRM are able to provide a tailored solution to manage these in an integrated way to allow clients to maximise the opportunities and avoid or mitigate loss.


Our approach leads to the robust management of hazards, risks and opportunities throughout the lifecycle of a client’s activity.

This results in benefits such as:

  • A clear understanding of what could impact the activities and how these may be manifested
  • Robust and well implemented systems for managing the hazards, risks and opportunities idientified
  • Employees who will integrate the outcomes into their normal activities.
  • Demonstration of a solid hazard and risk management structure to stakeholders, regulatory authorities and financial markets etc
  • Confidence that the hazard or risk profile is understood and being monitored within an established management plan
  • Client personnel integrated into the overall assessment or review process as part of cascading techniques and results manangement
  • High level of hazard and risk awareness and culture.
  • Cost effective, focused and structured solution based deliverables.
We provide a full range of services under our risk management umbrella. Our internal staff focus on our core competencies, and we use strategic partnerships to compliment our capabilities in other areas.