COVID-19 Support

HRM understand from its own experience the challenges faced with a returning workforce during COVID-19 and the restrictions and barriers that are required to be assessed and acted upon to ensure Employee safety and Company reputation.

As part of our service base HRM has always had key services for the assessment and management of hazards and risk across all sectors using a wide variety of tools and processes complying with Regulatory, Statutory guidance and Clients internal needs.

With the requirements for COVID-19 the tools developed are adaptable to assist in the management of workplace safety as set out in the latest UK guidance, for example:

  • Working safely during COVID 19 – in Offices and contact centres -Guidance for Employers, employees and the Self Employed 11 May 2020
  • Social distancing in the workforce during COVID-19 – Sector Guidance – Advice for Employers on social distancing during COVID – 19
  • UK HSE managing risks and risk assessment at work
  • RIDDOR reporting of COVID-19

which is of course in parallel to existing HSE requirements, regulations and guidance provided by the HSE and others.

HRM offer a tailored service to suit employers businesses ensure that all aspects of the operation are assessed against a developed checklist, risk assessed and the risk presented to be As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) by the measures identified and to be put in place.

Some key areas of address are:

  • Robustness and coverage of existing control measures such as procedures and guidance and recommendation for changes as required
  • Hazard/Risk – identification of the hazards posed, barriers to reduce the risk (Detect, Control, Prevent, Eliminate), and recovery measures if required. An example of a risk assessment approach is attached.
    • This is done by traditional risk assessment sing defined checklists and matrices or by.
    • Bow Tie analysis that assesses all threats that could lead to a COVID-19 incident and the barriers in pace to ensure That any consequence is managed to an acceptable level. The bowtie refers to the systems and processes in place and their effectiveness in reducing he risks.
  • Physical layout and social distancing measures
  • Workforce & Rest room management
  • Work patterns
  • External Impacts (customers, visitors and contractors
  • Goods and waste management
  • Etc

HRM will tailor a response to meet the Industry requirement or particular location or external works.